Fix Invalid Environment Block

Fix Invalid Environment Block Grub2 Error at Ubuntu-11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Invalid Environment Block Grub2 Error at Ubuntu-11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Nearly a month, I have trouble error booting process on my oneiric ocelot. Every boot always displays an error message like that appears in the picture above.

At some forum/group Ubuntu Indonesia Community (sites, mailing lists, social media, etc) I asked about the error "Invalid Environment Block grub2 at Ubuntu 11.10" is, but I can not find a solution to what I asked (no answer) #hiks

And consequences of what happens (grub2 error), boot process becomes a very slow as hell and it's very annoying for me (keur mah sim kuring teh rada nteu sabaran). To get into the login page takes a few minutes, and moreover to get into the desktop page??? #dzigs

And #woot there is something important and I forget about cases like this. What is it? yea, why do not I try to ask to Google? #doh and google has always proven to be a source of answers to what happened to many seeker (like me, LebaayyyyDotBroot) #roflmao

so, balik deui kana lep top.....

What is "Invalid Environment Block" and why it could be happen, and what should we do (solution) so that such errors could be wiped out in our favorite operating system? Apparently, the error is not the first time this has happened (there) in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot version but have been around a long time. At site (10/01/2009) written:
Binary package hint: grub2

grub gave this error invalid: environment block when after an unclean shutdown.
I ended up deleting grubenv and that worked to get me booting again but next time unclean shutdown it boots up and runs fsck? shows some inode stuff and next boot i get the message again.

Looking at grubenv: it is showing it to be 0 bytes , when this problem occurs.

I also have copied grubenv a read only file from a good computer really has same effect as deleting it. Reinstall grub still same problem.....

Fix Invalid Environment Block Grub2 Error at Ubuntu-11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

wohohooo .... The error was due to 'shoutdown' undue. And yea, to fix any errors on ubuntu always very easy, just type spell below on terminal:
# cd /boot/grub
# rm grubenv
# grub-editenv grubenv create
# grub-editenv grubenv set default=0
# grub-editenv grubenv list

congrats to enjoy of booting ubuntu which wuzzz wuzz wuzzzz........

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